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lian junwen V.S pang hungyew

LIAN JUNWEN huhuhu... i name this post lian junwen because i want to tell you all about my lovely oppa at school..his name lian junwen..i dunt know how i felt in love with him..hahax..im just kidding..how can i like a chinese boy..i am muslim..muahahahah..he's a shy boy..ahhh..last day before school holiday i brought a camera to school..i want to take a few of picture with my friend..im thinking that i can take his picture too.so i take his picture silently..die perasan yang aku ambil gambar die..then,he run away..i ask my other friend..to take his picture..but i didn't get it..want to see his picture..??ouhhh..!!im so sorry..my line not okey..i will upload the picture later..actually,his pic only by his side when we all celebrated at KFC..hahax..but im surely his face 100% same like gong chan shik (B1A4)..terribly, i cant take his pic face to face..hahax..
PANG HUNGYEW huhuhu..actually hungyew is my first love i think..hahax..since that im falling love with chinese boy..how can i..arhhh..his picture?i will show u..he's kind of cute boy i guess...i tell u okey..my friend also like the same man (hungyew)..she name is nana..hahax..she quite of pretty girl..not like me..hahax..before this i didnt like even a little bit at chinese boy since i like hungyew..even last year,i dont know who is him??he come to my life and make my life miserable ..im so crazyying him..i dont really know why..hahaha..want to know why now im hating him? cause he didnt look at me even just like a senior in my school.. since that im hating him..but,my friend always said that i still liking him..i am not okay..!!since that my heart really2 hate him..i even cant see him..i will pressure u know..that make me miserable..since i liking him,my grade start to down..i not focus on my study..haha..it so ..uhmm..

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