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:: keyla - keyrul ::

Assalamualaikum ! huhusss.im back..nak posting something dehh..kihkihkih..nk ltak pic Keyla and keyrul nih..muhahahahahahha..tengok2 lah kay!
HUHUI..Dating mehhh..sorryyy muka horibble sedikit yer..kukuikuikui..Actually saya knl mamat nih sebb abg angkt saye..abg ray and ary !!
Sweet macam lolipop's an?
Alololo..comel sungguh..kuikuikuikuikui !
hahaha..saya tax comel kanss?okayy
MUke Innocent Keyrul !!
comel tax saye..kuikuikui.. okayh done ! enjoy okayhhh

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